Anonymous: i super love your new URL! tmik is one of taylors best songs! congrats on saving that url! keep editing today. <3

Thanks, it was like the tracklist came out and i saved like so many urls, but then I deleted some of them and left the good ones. ;)

Anonymous: i just love your icon and everything about your blog

ILY thank you bb, xx

Anonymous: People will re-blog the reposts, because they are so good. You deserve all the credit and those that are doing the taking I hope they realize how wrong they are. LOVE YOU

Thank you, I want to give you a hug. :)

Anonymous: People repost your edits because there jealous of you, duhh

True dat

Anonymous: Love you and your little blog too.

Thanks bb, these messages make up my day. xx

Anonymous: U dont have to be srry for anything. we all have busy lives. il UR blog, :)

I know, I don’t. But thank you. :)