fireslights: your blog is absolute perfection dahxfkshdlfjkxhsdjlfa *sobs*

omg, thank you! :’)

Anonymous: your blog is a piece of perfection ugh ily

shdkjgkfdsghgfks Thank you bb! :’)

Anonymous: your blog is perfect teach me how

hdfjhfjkfk thank you so much! :’)

wonderinwhywebotherwithlove: congratulations on 2,000 followers!! i love the psds, thank you! <3

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like them. :)

Anonymous: I love the psd pack! Your psds are amazing! They all work perfect on every photo!

Gracias. <3

Anonymous: Which photoshop do you use?

Its in my FAQ but I use Photoshop CS5 and CS6 but i dont like CS6’s layout so i mainly use CS5.