omg, im in luv with u and ur blog

Thank you, thats really sweet! :) xo

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Anonymous asked:
Send this to the all the nicest people on tumblr. If you receive this message then someone is trying to tell you that they are incredible happy you ever joined tumblr. You are not only running a tumblr worthwhile following, but you are also a totally kind and awesome person. Without you my tumblr experience wouldn’t have been the same. <3 Thank you for being you <3 HAVE A GREAT DAY <3 <3 <3 <3

Awwww, thank you so much! This really made my day, ahaha. :)

Anonymous asked:
wow :o how much did it cost? I admire you for being so "fair"

Well my grandpa bought the Photoshop CS5 which was $150 for two licenses, and then they sent him the CS6 free for two licenses. It was a special that was going around back in the summer. And thank you. :)

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Anonymous asked:
hey i know you might not remember but where'd you get your photoshop?

I bought it. :)

You could get some crack downloads from yeahps, but sometimes those don’t work and aren’t safe.

Anonymous asked:
hi! where did you get this please? :) /post/36633130056

Hi! I found it off flickr, but I cant remember where I got it, sorry! I’ll try looking it up for you, but I’ve been searching for it too, and I haven’t found it again. If I find it, i’ll post it here. :)

♛ fav movie??

I have so many, but here you go, bb:

  • Mean Girls
  • Aquamarine
  • The Hunger Games
  • Tangled 

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your blog is absolute perfection dahxfkshdlfjkxhsdjlfa *sobs*

omg, thank you! :’)

Anonymous asked:
your blog is a piece of perfection ugh ily

shdkjgkfdsghgfks Thank you bb! :’)