'Sad Beautiful Tragic' is a song that I wrote while I was on tour and I was on a tour bus that was moving and I just started playing this haunting, sad chorus and it was kind of just very simple 'what a sad beautiful tragic love affair' and it was just reflecting on something that was lost and you can't get it back. And I went home and I called up Nathan Chapman and said 'hey, I wrote a song, please please please can we record today?' and of course, he said yes and we used that original demo on the album because it just came across so pure and raw. 


"I love being able to thank my fans for this life they’ve given me. I have so many girls my age coming up to me and saying, ‘I’ve listened to you for seven years.’ It’s crazy to me that we’ve been in each other’s lives that long and it still feels new. But hey, I guess that’s what real love feels like."


“The idea that Taylor Swift is teaching her preteen fans to focus their lives only on chasing boys is completely false. She is actually a fantastic example of a strong, professionally-independent woman: she writes all her own songs, she’s smart, she’s creative, and she is completely unashamed to be who she is. We need to remember that being girly or wanting to find romantic love does not make a young woman weak or somehow inferior.”

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